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Awww, such pretty birdies! It was great talking to you today. Thank you for calling me!! Hugs and love, Randi

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More Snow

  • DSC00105
    "Biggest snowstorm in 21years" says the Pilot. We're glad we are on holiday with no real itinerary. If it had to happen, it couldn't have been a better time!

Snow Day 2010

  • DSC00077
    Our little Winter Wonderland! It doesn't happen often, so when it does, everyone goes crazy and we just stay home :)


  • DSC00110
    These are the "after" pics of the hallway and the "before" pic of the bookcase in the kitchen! The pumpkin colored wall has been done for some time. The buffet was purchased and refinished many years ago when I lived in Shadowlawn.

Pumpkin Pasta

  • DSC03074
    We bought a hubbard squash at Trader Joe's weeks ago, read about the pumpkin ravioli in Heat ages ago, and Steve was reading Every Day in Tuscany, so we used her ravioli recipe and put it all together. I decided on a white sauce with half and half, brie, and nutmeg. The flavors were excellent but the semolina flour was heavy and hard to work with. You can see by Steve's expression how it started out great and then...uh, not so great! It also made for a dumpling like pasta. I think we will try different types of flour. Recipes to follow.
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